Discover our natural, delicious and original juices

The great care we take in choosing our fruits and vegetables and our 100% craft production means you will enjoy a unique experience,

It's not by chance that our juices are so tasty

The quality of the juice depends on the quality of the fruits and vegetables, we hear you say…

And you’re right. That is precisely why the ingredients we use are chosen with the very greatest care. Just because a producer grows good fruits and vegetables one week does not mean they will be just as delicious the following week, whether it be because of the time of year or the methods used. So, we never take the quality of our ingredients for granted and we make sure we source the most tasty and nutritious products according to the season.

Flavour first

For us, flavour comes first! And, given that not everyone enjoys the same flavours, we have come up with recipes to make everyone happy. Therefore, we offer the classics loved by everyone, such as apple juice and orange juice. You can forget everything you think you know about basic juices; with O de V, you will rediscover the authentic flavour of juices in which every fruit and vegetable has been tasted and chosen with care
If you are feeling a little more adventurous, we have also created some surprising recipes, with unlikely combinations that will awaken all your senses.

Otherwise, what else is there in our O de V juices?

Absolutely nothing! Nothing but natural fruits and vegetables, as you will see. We use no preservatives, no colourings and no additives of any kind. Not even water or sugar. We choose products whose flavour requires nothing else, and our recipes that provide great flavour and pleasant colour.

Craft production for healthy and nutritious juices

All our juices are hand crafted

This means, in practice, that all the stages are completed by hand. When products arrive at our warehouse, we start by checking their quality and acidity. They are then washed using a special natural and organic solution for fruits and vegetables. Once they are organised according to the recipes, they are pressed, then bottled and labelled, all by hand. They are then sent to our partner to be cold pasteurized.

The benefits of cold pasteurization

All our juices are bottled by cold pressing to ensure no contaminating bacteria remain in your drink: no risk of infection or intoxication stored in the refrigerator!
This technique ensures that all the nutrients and vitamins found in the fruits and vegetables are well preserved, because they are not eliminated by heat, without altering the flavour of the juice.

Our actions for the most responsible juices possible

Where do our fruit and vegetables come from?

Our priority is sourcing local growers who offer the best quality fruits and vegetables available, such as apples produced in the Lower Laurentians or sea buckthorn berries from the Eastern Townships.

Unfortunately, certain products are hard to find in winter, or simply won’t grow in Québec. So, we have to find the best producers elsewhere in the world: oranges from Portugal, limes from Mexico, Spain and Portugal, and kale, lettuce, beets and carrots from California. Our juices will take you around the world: from Quebec to Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Fruits and vegetables from sustainable farming

Whether our supplier is in Quebec or Peru, we visit in person or send our representatives to inspect the quality of the products and the cultivation methods. Whilst not everything is organic, all our ingredients come from sustainable farms: the trees are treated individually and only where necessary and the the employee working conditions must be as fair as possible.

Striving for minimum waste

We reuse all the crates used to deliver our fruits and vegetables, we have a no-labeling requirement so that our suppliers reduce ink and facilitate recycling, and finally, we work to transform the pulp generated by the press into animal biscuits, for vets and zoos.

Why use plastic bottles?

Glass collection and recycling is not currently accurate enough to have a real environmental impact, unlike plastic, and glass bottles would shatter during cold pasteurization. We do have different partnerships in place to best recover the bottles and reuse the plastic.

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